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Hands of Peace is an interfaith organization developing peacebuilding and leadership skills in Israeli, Palestinian and American teens through the power of dialogue and personal relationships.


Applications Open for 2015 Summer!

Hands of Peace is pleased to announce that host family and participant applications are now open for HOP's 2015 Summer Programs in Glenview, Illinois and San Diego, California! Each Summer, understanding, friendship and bonds are created among Palestinian, Israeli and American teenagers (age 15-17), whether by being a participant or a host family.  Both programs will run from July 9-27, and applications are due via the Hands of Peace website by February 15. Tuition is $1,200 for Americans, $900 for our Middle East participants, and scholarships are available.  American participants also have the special option to host an Israeli or Palestinian participant in their homes!  Make sure to tell your family and friends about these life-changing opportunities.  Click here for information about being a participant and here for information about being a host family! Here are some quotes from Hands of Peace alumni and families demonstrating the impact of this transformative program: 

"We have been blessed to be part of HOP for so many years. It has been so rewarding to see the growth in all of the teens as well as the growth of the host families and many volunteers (ourselves included!)."

-Gail and Jim, host parents

"Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have loved this amazing chance to be part of an amazing process, in order to discuss myself and who I am and to be able to get into deep, meaningful dialogue....I thank HOP for making this change in individuals to help them become leaders in society.”

-Adi, Palestinian Citizen of Israel participant

"Hands of Peace taught me that it takes a group of people to change an individual, and an individual to change the world."

-Anna, American participant

"Hands of Peace changed my whole way of thinking. It helped me see clearly. The conflict is now something more than just a view or a way that things are. It's an obstacle that is waiting for us to remove in order to make peace."

-Lior, Jewish Israeli participant 

"Hands of Peace was the most fun, challenging, and emotional experience I ever had. I finally got the chance to have a say in the conflict, and I had the honor of becoming part of an amazing family that will be in my heart forever."

-Ramzy, Palestinian participant

"I understand the conflict so much better now than I ever could have with a pile of textbooks. The dialogue sessions gave me hope for the future of the conflict, as I saw myself and those around me beginning to understand both sides. I now also know that friendship can overcome politics."

-Zoe, American participant


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