Board of Directors

Thomas Aldrich, Chair

Michele Arnison

Larry Feder

Gretchen Grad, Founder

Kelley Grimes

Julie Kanak

Kim Lande

Bev Shurman Lavitt

Lisa Leger, Treasurer

Jenny Parker

Wendy Rhodes

Danya Saleh

William Sullivan, Esq.


Rick Rosenfeld, Executive Director

Debby Fosdick, Advisory Board Chair

Deceased: Ron Miller, 1938 - 2011

HOP Board Member:  2006 - 2011

Ron was a beloved member of the HOP Board, and he contributed in countless ways to the growth and development of this organization.  We will forever be grateful to him, and he will be greatly missed.

I learned how to think, to respect, to doubt, and to listen.  I learned about my country, my government, and mostly about myself.  And I made friends for life, too!

Noomi, Jewish Israeli participant