Excel (XL) Program

Program definition: to excel, to go beyond: to exceed my own expectations of what I can be and do.

Our Excel program brings back carefully selected youth to the HOP summer experience for a second time, in a new and enhanced role. They are chosen for their commitment to the program and understanding of its principles, as well as their capacity and potential to model positive change.

Through their commitment to excel, XLs work as a team to set a positive example. They provide peer support, inspiration, and kinship to the Hands (new participants), while organizing daily activities and facilitating discussion groups.

While Hands are in daily dialogue groups, the XLs have their own intense dialogues. Under the tutelage of experienced facilitators, they embark on exploration of their motivation, thinking, and learning processes, and potential as future persons of influence and achievement. They discuss and discover how they may positively impact the challenges of their home environments. They often leave the program with new motivation, understanding, and commitment to become involved in building understanding and relationships across boundaries. In short, they learn to excel!



HOP is a program that gives you something to hold on to. It gives you friends that you never thought you would have and it teaches you about yourself and how to listen, feel compassion, and how to disagree but still create such a caring friendship.

Adi, Jewish Israeli XL