Hands of Peace Today

Hands of Peace is based in Glenview, Illinois and successfully launched a new program in San Diego, California for the summer of 2014. Our active Operations teams are comprised of volunteers, and work year-round on a variety of responsibilities. This includes local participant and host family recruiting, communications and public relations, community outreach, event planning, Alumni Club coordination, and much of the planning for the 18-day Summer Program.  The Executive Director is based in Glenview, and reports to the Board of Directors.  

Hands of Peace also employs three part-time staff members in the Middle East: a Jewish-Israeli Regional Manager, a Palestinian-Citizens of Israel Regional Manager and a Palestinian Regional Manager. The Middle East staff members coordinate Alumni Club activities, recruit participants for the Summer Program, and act as the Middle East representatives of Hands of Peace.

We continue to broaden our reach in the United States and the Middle East— geographically, religiously, and politically— and the volunteer base upon which we depend continues to grow. Our Summer Programs typically involves a total of 70 participants, and we aim for diversity in religion, geography and political viewpoints.  

In addition to our Middle East and American Alumni Clubs, HOP also has an Extraordinary Leader (XL) Program for outstanding participants to return to the Summer Program for a second year and act as role models for new participants.

Before Hands of Peace, every participant thought that we have different suns that shine down on us. After HOP we became closer, and we realized that the same sun shines down on all of us.

Hadeel, Palestinian Citizen of Israel participant