Our Advisory Board

Debby Fosdick, Advisory Board Chair, former Board of Directors Chair


Laura Bernstein, former Board of Directors Chair

Rabbi Herbert Bronstein, Senior Rabbi Emeritus at Northshore Congregation Israel

Joel Carp, former Board member

John Casey, Former Secretary General at the World Alliance of YMCAs, and former Board member

Mr. Donald C. Clark, Jr., attorney, Retired General Counsel for UCC

Reverend Cotton Fite

Renee Friedman, attorney

Frank Gelber, former Board member

Shakeela Hassan, M.D., former Board member

Ismail Hummos, former Board member

Jane Hund, former Board of Directors Chair

Rev. Sally Iberg, Senior Pastor, Pilgrim Congregational Church

Margaret (Peg) Lee, Retired President of Oakton Community College

Oscar Marquis, former Board of Directors Chair

Rev. Dr. Chuck Mize, Senior Pastor at Glenview Community Church

Alan Rubin, former Board member

Aziz Abu Sarah, Executive Director at the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University and co-founder Mejdi Tours

Jessica Judge Schott

Joanna Sullivan, former Board of Directors Chair

Falah Tabahi, Owner, Pita Inn


Deceased: Per Hanson

Per was a beloved member of the HOP Advisory Board, and he contributed in countless ways to the growth and development of this organization. We will forever be grateful to him, and he will be greatly missed.


Associations and affiliations are included for identification purposes only.   

HOP is an amazing program that gives you a lifetime opportunity to talk to people that you have never thought you would get to talk to. HOP also gives you the opportunity to disconnect yourself from the hard reality of the conflict and talk about it in a safe environment.

Noam, Jewish Israeli XL