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PEACE with Penny SEASON 3: Penny S. Tee Interviews Scott Rasmussen, Executive Director of Hands of Peace, February 1, 2022

Penny S. Tee interviewed Scott Rasmussen, Executive Director of Hands of Peace, where they empower American, Israeli and Palestinian youth to become agents of change. How do they do this? Each summer, Hands of Peace brings American, Israeli, and Palestinian youth together in Chicago and San Diego for a three-week experience. In dialogue sessions led by professional facilitators from the Middle East, the teens learn about “the other,” they share complicated and sometimes painful stories about the conflict, and explore peaceful solutions to foster equality, freedom and justice. The participants stay with host families in the local areas and are provided a homey atmosphere forming friendships that can last a lifetime. After the summer program, they are encouraged to join the 700 Hands of Peace alumni for additional engaging leadership experiences.