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What happens on the journey of Hands of Peace? Our participants and alumni

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Hands of Peace Alumni on the Front Lines

Rana was a Summer Program participant in 2003, 2004. Now, Rana is our Palestinian Citizens of Israel Regional Manager. She’s also a pharmacist fighting COVID-19. “At the end of the day, you go back home satisfied for being able to help, but so worried about not bringing any virus back to your loved ones,” says Rana. Her message to all? “Stay home and stay safe and healthy.”

Loai is an alumnus from the Hands of Peace 2010 and 2011 Summer Programs and a chaperone in 2019. Now, he is a doctor fighting COVID-19 at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Loai shared with us: "The hardest part is not being able to see your family for fear of transmitting the infection. Another hard part is not being able to do the Summer Program this year. Be safe everyone and hope to see you soon."

Celebrating Earth Day with Hands of Peace Aluma

    Hands of Peace honors Stav Friedman on Earth Day 2020. An alumna from the first Hands of Peace Summer Program in 2003, Stav is the Founder of Plastic Free Israel, a grassroots environmental organization promoting less plastic waste and more public action. Stav has a BS in Marine Biology from the University of South Florida, and is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Climate Change at King's College in London. Stav’s interest in biology and the environment began when she took a gap year in Costa Rica protecting endangered sea turtles, then served in the Peace Corps in the Philippines.

Inspiration from alumni seminars

“Hands of Peace was an incredibly transformative experience for me."  Louisa, a 2016- 2017 alumna, went on to train with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company on Kibbutz Ga’Aton in the north of Israel.

What we do today will forever change our tomorrow. After this crisis, we're going to need our young leaders. Thank You, Ravid, a 2017-2018 alumnus, for sharing with us how important Hands of Peace is to you.

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