Hands of Peace is excited to share all of the accomplishments and growth that we have experienced in 2016 that enabled us to continue striving towards our vision of developing peacebuilding and leadership skills in Palestinian, Israeli and American young people.

Our program is made possible by hundreds of volunteers who contribute their time and talent, many organizations that provide free meals and activity space, host families who open their homes to our Israeli and Palestinian participants and staff, and the generosity of individuals and foundations who provide financial support. Click here to see all the supporters that make this program possible!

HOP changed my life for the better. It helped me understand the other side and opened my eyes to some things that I didn’t know before. I learned so many things about the Americans, the Israelis and even about my own country. But, most importantly, it helped me learn about myself. Before I came I was shy and sometimes afraid to say my opinions. But, after the wonderful program, I feel free. Free to say whatever I want and to do whatever I want knowing that I’m doing the right thing. This program is special and wonderful. -Yasmin, Palestinian Citizen of Israel