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Call for the Release of Hands of Peace Alumna Naama Levy

On Oct. 7, Hands of Peace alumna Naama Levy was kidnapped during the brutal Hamas attack on Israel and taken to Gaza, along with more than 240 other hostages. No one has heard from her since.

Our hearts are broken. Our thoughts keep us awake. We are sending Naama’s family a collective hug, together with our commitment to do anything in our power to bring Naama home safely. 

Following the guidance of Naama’s family and people who are in communications with hostage negotiators, Hands of Peace did not draw public attention to Naama’s kidnapping for several weeks.  We have instead been advocating through backchannels for the release of Naama and all of the hostages by sharing Naama’s story with hostage negotiators, policymakers and others whose decisions could affect her and all of the hostages. 

We also sent a message of support to our alumni and Hands of Peace community so that they were aware and could advocate on her behalf.

No one has a solid answer as to what can help Naama most. Our first commitment is to not put her at even more risk. But now, with the permission of Naama’s family, Hands of Peace and many of our alumni are speaking out to let the world know Naama as we have come to know her and to call for her release.

Naama’s friends and family say she has always stood by the different and the less fortunate. She volunteered in a kindergarten for children of foreign workers (asylum seekers) and is a graduate of a youth movement that brings children together from different sectors of Israeli society.

Naama, now 19 years old, was a participant in our Summer Program in 2022, where we saw her quiet strength and commitment to work for justice. Naama came to Hands of Peace in order to learn more about the conflict and to develop skills to create the change she wanted, so that all can live with dignity, equality and freedom. 

Bring Naama home. Please, share Naama’s story and sound your voice to free her NOW into the arms of her loving family.