Trip Reflection

By: Jordy Feffer, San Diego, CA – May 23, 2018 I was raised from a young age to believe that Israel is my second home. I went to a Jewish preschool and was somewhat active in my synagogue through the time of my Bat Mitzvah. I didn’t know anything about the conflict in Israel withContinue reading Trip Reflection

Hands of Peace Goes Sailing

By: Jake Arft-Guatelli, San Diego, CA – February 17, 2018 “To reach a port we must set sail”. Since the first sails were raised to the wind, sailing has been a common pastime of mankind and a central setting for telling stories to one another. That is exactly what four Hands of Peace participants didContinue reading Hands of Peace Goes Sailing

Mentorship & Murals

By: Josie Lieber Carlsbad, CA. – December 23, 2017 — Picture a lush green field intertwined with vibrant purple flowers. The sun warms the earth and dances off the lake to the left, creating glistening, golden ribbons on the water’s smooth surface. Up above, doves fly towards the mountains in the distance. To the right,Continue reading Mentorship & Murals