Community Partners

As an interfaith organization, Hands of Peace serves as a hub for intercultural exchange and education for a vibrant, international community. To do so, Hands of Peace works with the interfaith partners listed below. Our involvement with these organizations is neither an endorsement of their values and policies, nor is it their endorsement of ours. These congregations and organizations have hosted Hands of Peace speakers or Community Circles events – or have provided essential financial support.


Glenview Community Church – Hands of Peace Headquarters
    and Chicago Summer Program Site


St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church – Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Hands of Peace is also a  member of ALLMEP, a coalition of over 100 organizations that envision a Middle East in which Israelis and  Palestinians have built the trust necessary to live in  peace  and security, prospering  in societies  that protect their human and civil rights.
If your institution would like to get more involved with Hands of Peace to cosponsor a Community Circles event, host a speaker or make a donation to empower youth as peacebuilders and agents of change, please email