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Your cryptocurrency donation is tax-deductible,
empowering young Americans, Israelis and Palestinians
to become agents of change.

Why Donate Crypto to Hands of Peace?

Donating cryptocurrency directly to Hands of Peace is more tax-efficient than donating cash and can save you money. When you donate crypto, you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. 

Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations (see the list below) are some of the most tax-efficient ways to support the courageous young people who are looking for ways to build more peaceful and just societies – leaders like Niv, who works with troubled youth, or Loai, who uses his Hands of Peace experience to communicate with Israeli and Palestinian patients. Your cryptocurrency donation is a win-win, both for you and for the youth who are looking for ways to change their communities for the better.

Cryptocurrency donations are powered by our trusted partner, The Giving Block. If you prefer to make your cryptocurrency donation directly on their site, visit their Giving Block crypto donation page.


“We are so excited to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as a donation method to support our thriving network of young leaders every day. We hope that by adding this method of giving, more of our alumni and other forward thinkers can support the transformative work we do in a fast, easy, secure transaction.”

Diana Kutlow, Director of Development