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The Wall Between

Join Hands of Peace in La Jolla on Sunday, November 12 from 3-5 pm for a Book Circle: The Wall Between by Raja Khouri and Jeffrey Wilkinson.

The Wall Between is a groundbreaking book that offers concrete ways for Jews and Palestinians to speak (and listen) differently to each other.

The Wall Between is about the wall that exists between Jewish and Palestinian communities in the Diaspora. Distrust, enmity, and hate are common currencies. They manifest at university campuses, schools and school boards, at political events, on social media, and in academic circles. For Jews, Israel must exist; for Palestinians, the historic injustice being committed since 1948 must be reversed. Neither wants to know why the Other cannot budge on these issues. The wall is up.

The authors have lived these principles and traveled this journey, away from their tribal traumas, through embracing the principles of justice. They insist that commitment to the Other means grappling with seemingly incompatible narratives until shared values are decided and acted upon. This book is a call to justice while at the same time dealing directly with the complex histories that have created the situation today. The book is both realistic and hopeful—a guide for anyone who is open to new possibilities within the Israel-Palestine discourse in the West.

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It’s clear that for us to show up for our loved ones both at home and in Israel/Palestine, we need to take care of ourselves on the inside. To follow up, we want to offer you a few things you can do for your own self-care and well-being in these challenging times:

  • Ask yourself “what can you control and what is out of your control?”- Focus on what you have agency over and it will help you feel less helpless and more like you’re doing “something.” 
  • Reach out – It matters to others to hear from you, even if it’s to say “I’m thinking of you and I care about you.” Download and process with your fellow Hands of Peace friends in the area. We need each other right now. 
  • Self-regulate the news you’re consuming – How often are you checking the news? What are your news sources? Are there times when you can unplug that will help you focus, decrease your stress or sleep better? Pay attention and do what’s best for your well-being. 
  • Give yourself permission to let go of making your point – This is a hard one, especially when you hear misinformation being slung around. And yet, this is not the time to try to tell people what you know when so many are traumatized, triggered and feeling the need to stand on one side or another. It’s unlikely you will change their minds. Listen and know you can step away at anytime, go to the bathroom, go to another room or just change the subject. 
  • Find your release – Do one thing per day that helps you process your feelings, unplug and/or make you happy. This could be anything – listening to music, making art, dancing, taking a walk, meditating, journaling, bird watching, chocolate tasting (!!!). Give yourself 15 minutes at least. You have that, right? 

We’re all in this together. Even in the most troubling times, we can stand together for a more peaceful world. 


SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023

Hands of Peace is extremely grateful to Katherine Hughes for organizing the 9th annual Concert for Peace and Art Exhibit, part of the Simple Gifts Concert Series at Glenview Community Church. A special “thank you” to Tania McCarthy, Sheryl Long, Betsy Martin, Laura Heyser, and Robin Woodsome for their help in publicizing the event and organizing the art exhibit. Money raised through free-will donations and art sales will benefit Hands of Peace so we may empower the next generation of changemakers.

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with Dangerous Speech Project
Wednesday, December 14

Watch the recorded workshop here.

with One America Movement
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Hands of Peace and One America Movement partnered to examine through a neurological and a social science lens the myths that are propagated by toxic polarization and fueling the division in our country. This virtual workshop session will helped us better understand the subtle inner workings of our brains and behavior that influence how we perceive and interact with others— and how they perceive and interact with us.

Watch the recorded workshop here.


Thank your joining us for International Day of Peace Virtual Alumni Panel. Six Hands of Peace Alumni from the 2022 Summer Program joined moderators Emily Kenward, Chicago Site Director, and Melanie Stanek, San Diego Site Director.


Thank you for joining us for Community Circles: San Diego Alumni Panel. Five Hands of Peace Alumni from the 2022 Summer Program joined Melanie Stanek, San Diego Site Director at the Encinitas Community Center for this in-person event.