Whether hosting an Israeli, Palestinian, or American participant, hosting allows families to be immersed in the Hands of Peace  experience. It is a substantial commitment, but the experience is well worth it, as you take part in a community dedicated to making peace possible.

Host families must be willing to drive their visitor to and from the program activities (car pools can be arranged), provide breakfast and dinner most days, participate in the activities open to family members, and support their visitor as they experience all that Hands of Peace has to offer. Host families develop long-lasting, rewarding relationships with their Hands of Peace visitor that extend far beyond the short Summer Program!

We hosted an 18-year-old Palestinian and it was a wonderful experience. Our guest was enthusiastic, eager to learn as much as possible about America and was serious about helping to bring peace and improved living situations to the Middle East.  In addition, We learned so very much from our guest. We learned about his family, their beliefs, customs and values.

To hear more about the Gryll’s experience hosting, click here.

We encourage anyone who is interested to apply! Host families often have a young person participating in Hands of Peace, however some of our host families have had very young children, or older children who have already moved out. Couples or singles without children are encouraged to host two participants.

If you have questions, please contact us at info@handsofpeace.org.