XL Application

Due to the challenges and uncertainties caused by the coronavirus, the 2020 Summer Program is canceled.


    • To support the mission and goals of Hands of Peace
    • To help, encourage, care about and support all participants from all delegations without preference or favor
    • To support the staff and leadership in providing the best possible experience for everyone
    • To help plan and implement activities for the Hands.
    • To be a role model for the Hands, demonstrating and encouraging inclusiveness, cooperation and involvement, even in moments of high emotional tension
    • To participate actively in XL dialogues and training, working together with each other to achieve personal and collective goals
  • To show strong commitment to Hands of Peace throughout the year—both before and after their summer as XLs—by attending Alumni Club meetings and seminars and working with other alumni in planning Hands of Peace related activities in one’s home community


The XL applications will be reviewed and XLs chosen by the XL Selection Committee and will incorporate feedback from appropriate staff and volunteers. The XL Selection Committee will make their decisions by consensus and will aim for diversity in the delegation as a whole in terms of nationality, religion and gender. Final decisions will be communicated by the Executive Director. The following criteria will be used in evaluating XL applicants:

  • Successful completion of Hands of Peace Summer Program, online XL application and video as well as a potential interview with staff member.
  • XL’s are held to higher standards in terms of adherence to Hands of Peace policies and must demonstrate positive behavior.
  • Active involvement in Hands of Peace activities following completion of the Summer Program, including attendance at Alumni Club meetings and events and serving as mentors to younger alumni.
  • A willingness to speak on behalf of Hands of Peace at promotional, recruitment, or fundraising presentations.
  • Demonstrated efforts to help recruit participants and encourage supporters.
  • Consistent responsiveness to communications and/or requests from Hands of Peace participants, supporters or leadership.
  • Potential for continued growth and future involvement in Hands of Peace and related activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to engage in conflict discussions in a respectful manner.
  • Willingness to interact/assist with members of all delegations.
  • Demonstrated ability to be an appropriate role model in terms of reliability, leadership and a mature approach to problem-solving.
  • Age: we will be primarily selecting from candidates who will be 17 or older at the time of the Summer Program in July. We believe that this will provide the best experience for the Hands, and make the XL dialogue more robust.
  • Good English skills.


    • Parental permission as indicated by signing a program waiver form, which is collected at the pre-program orientation in May or June.
    • Available for all program activities on each day of the program
    • For Israeli and Palestinian applicants:
      • Passport valid through at least January 2021. (If you do not have one, you will need to obtain one after acceptance. The program will not cover any expenses associated with obtaining a passport or the visa. We will assist you in obtaining your visa for travel to the United States.)
    • Travel with the Hands of Peace delegation according to the arrangements made for the group. All successful candidates will be available for the entire Summer Program. Any extra fees incurred due to a change in the participant’s plans will be the responsibility of the participant and their guardians.


Application deadline is Friday, January 31, 2020. Once your application is received, a staff member may reach out to schedule an interview. Final selection of applicants will be determined no later than March 8, 2020. Please click on the link below to fill out the application. You will receive an automatic confirmation email after your application is submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact info@handsofpeace.org.

Please save a copy of your application materials and long-answer questions on your own computer in case there is a problem with the online submission.

American XL application (CLOSED)

Jewish Israeli, Palestinian and Palestinian Citizen of Israel XL application (CLOSED)