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Did you know that Hands of Peace raises over $1 Million USD each year to provide dialogue and leadership programs for Israeli, Palestinian and American youth? Less than 10% of the annual budget is covered by the tuition requested of all participants. Currently, all of our support for travel, food, facilitators, staff, alumni seminars in the Middle East and U.S., and all the other expenses that make it possible for Hands of Peace to empower youth as leaders of change comes from American individuals and small foundations.

We would like to invite Middle East parents and supporters to join with these American donors and demonstrate how much you value the Hands of Peace journey. Our website can now accept donations made by credit cards issued from Israeli banks, and we are exploring ways to offer similar access for Palestinian donors.

As one of our Middle East parents said recently, “We didn’t know how much of an impact Hands of Peace would have on our son and on the family. We understood more how deeply affected he was when he communicated with us during the Summer Program, and when he came back we could see that it had a deep and dramatic effect on him, and on us.”

You can make this transformative experience possible for many more youth and their families. Make a small monthly gift, or a one-time gift, to build peace one youth–one family at a time. With over 650 Hands of Peace alumni, their impact is growing, and you can help.

Long-time Hands of Peace supporters Larry and Rose Feder have seen how Hands of Peace transforms young lives, and have made a bequest to see that work continue beyond their lifetimes. You too can include Hands of Peace in your estate plan to provide hope for youth leaders as part of your legacy. By making a gift in this way, you will shape young peacebuilders through dialogue and skills building even after your lifetime.