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The Hands of Peace Common Values affirm that people on all sides of conflict deserve justice, equality, self-determination and basic human rights. This is what we stand for.

Therefore, we must condemn the unilateral nature of Israel’s plan to annex large portions of the West Bank and Jordan Valley, because it creates an obstacle to positive peace — a peace that is just and equitable for all people in the region — and as such is inconsistent with our values. Hands of Peace is unable to support any plan that fails to include the voices of all affected parties.

The annexation announcement has led many to question if there is any path to peace; despair can be heard in many of the voices speaking out. Last week’s announcement reaffirms that our work is more critical than ever to achieving long-term impact and lasting change. Only in equal partnership by all sides will freedom, equality, justice and peace for everyone be achieved. We must remain hopeful.

We thank our volunteers, donors and everyone in our international community for their unyielding compassion and support and for standing firmly behind our alumni as empowered leaders now and in the future.