July 10, 2019 – Here We Go!

Yesterday 86 Israelis, Palestinians, and Palestinian Citizens of Israel left their homes to travel to the United States. Some left from Tel Aviv, others left from Amman. They all met in Istanbul and boarded flights to Los Angeles or Chicago, headed for what will be for most their first encounter with “the other.” Each person comes with their own ideas and their own expectations of what this experience will mean for them, and some trepidation about what is to come.
When our overseas delegates arrive, they will be joined by 34 American participants – each of whom chose Hands of Peace over a myriad of other summer options.  Like our international participants, each member of our American delegation has their own story, their own perspectives, and their own expectations.
And when they meet, they will be greeted by eager Host Families that will open their homes and their hearts to them.
And so it begins! This is the first phase of a lifelong journey empowering young Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans to raise their voices as leaders of change.
They are creating HOPE!