July 15, 2019 – Day 5: Media Training

Participants began day five with icebreakers as they continue to get to know each other and become more comfortable with one another. While they are getting to know those in their dialogue group quite well now, icebreakers are a great way for participants to get to know those not in their group in a casual and fun way, keeping the whole group cohesive and inclusive.

After icebreakers, participants headed into their dialogue session. They are becoming more familiar with the dialogue process and are beginning to discuss topics in greater length and detail. We are very impressed with their maturity and knowledge.

After lunch, generously donated by lunch donors, participants went over the goals and guidelines for one of our favorite upcoming events, Culture Night. This is an opportunity for each delegation to share the food and customs of their respective cultural traditions. After this discussion, Hands had a fun storytelling workshop to learn how to share their stories and express themselves more articulately, while XLs received media training, which gives these young leaders the skills necessary to communicate their message to others.

Because that just doesn’t seem like enough activities for one day, participants also had a beginner yoga session and learned the Hands of Peace song!