July 22, 2019 – Day 12: Chicago Freedom School

7.22.2019 CFS

Today in Chicago our first year participants learned more about the city as they had a chance to ask questions about its history and current conditions with Chicago staff, before spending the day with Chicago Freedom School freedom fellows.
Chicago Freedom School is an organization which works to empower youth of color to become informed, strategic, motivated and holistic leaders.
Our participants joined these students for icebreakers, followed by a dialogue session that focused on community activism.
Meanwhile, our XLs spent the day with WorldChicago, an organization which works with youth from around the world to advance national security, economic development, and social justice. The XLs also had a few rounds of ice breakers and then engaged in dialogue with youth from Iraq.
In the evening, the Hands finished the day at a hosted gathering at a local host family home.

In San Diego, our participants had their usual icebreakers and dialogue as they continue to learn more about each other and themselves.
The participants then had an information session about their visit tomorrow to the U.S./Mexico border, where participants will have the opportunity to dialogue with Mexican students.

Following this session, the participants began to discuss and plan their short films, which they will be making later this week, and will be premiered at the Farewell Celebration.
To close out the day, the participants worked in pairs on an art project. They are tired but excited about tomorrows border visit!