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Today, our participants began their day with ice breakers and dialogue.

In Chicago, our participants then boarded the bus for lunch, and then the Museum of Mexican American Art.

After looking at so much art, they had a chance to create some themselves. Participants had a mural painting workshop and then broke up into groups to create murals that will be displayed at the Farewell Celebration, before heading back to GCC on the bus to spend the night with their host families.

In San Diego, the participants were met by the founder of Hands of Peace, Gretchen Grad, and the Executive Director, Rick Rosenfeld, who traveled from Chicago to meet the San Diego group.

Participants then listened to speaker Azim Khamisa as he gave a heart-felt story and workshop about restorative justice, introduced by a fellow Hands of Peace alumna Zoey Serebriany. Afterwards, the participants were led in a Drum Workshop by Christine Stevens, an internationally acclaimed drummer, where they got to experience different cultural music practices and traditions.