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As we near the end of the program, we are sad to know that the participants will leaving soon, but excited to see what they will go on to do with the talents they brought here, and the skills they have developed. 

In Chicago, our participants had icebreakers and dialogue today, followed by workshops led by our amazing chaperones. A spectacular part of this summer’s program is that all of our chaperones are alumni of the program themselves and they have been able to support our current participants with first hand knowledge of what it is like to experience Hands of Peace. 

One of the workshops this afternoon included working together as a team to build something that would protect an egg dropped from 20 feet above the ground. Three out of seven eggs survived the fall, but all teams enjoyed creating their contraptions.

In San Diego, our participants had ice breakers and dialogue. After the lunch, participants boarded the bus and went to paint murals with local artists in Carlsbad. Each year Hands of Peace finds its programs filled with youth with so many talents, many of whom are great artists. This is an opportunity for each participant to transform ideas into visual art and practice yet another means of expressing themselves.