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Today was filled with tears and hugs as the program came to a close and we sent our Middle Eastern participants to the airport on their way home. The struggle to say goodbye is an ever present part of the program, as is the assurance that it is not goodbye, but see you later.  

This summer 43 teens arrived on July 10th feeling nervous, excited, and a million other emotions. Throughout the course of the program, each one of them was asked to step out of their comfort zone, to share their stories, and to listen to others’ and we cannot put into words how impressed we are with the way they have conducted themselves during this program. We cannot wait to see where this journey takes them!

The participants have all challenged themselves and taken on difficult work in the past 18 days, but as they were reminded yesterday, the real hard work starts at home. However, we have no doubt that these leaders of change are ready to take on the next challenge.