San Diego Events Calendar

Please contact San Diego Site Director Sarah Heirendt at  with questions about our upcoming events. HOP takes no political position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict beyond affirming the human rights of all involved. Please reference Our Values here. Our events are designed to inspire dialogue amongst supporters and alumni and expose supporters to diverse perspectives. We hope you will join us!
Hands of Peace, The Leichtag Foundation and Voices of our City Choir partner to bring you: The Jerusalem Youth Chorus on Tour!
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Location: TBD
We are thrilled to announce the Jerusalem Youth Chorus is on tour and will be performing in San Diego! The Jerusalem Youth Chorus is a choral and dialogue program for Israeli and Palestinian high school students in Jerusalem. Our mission is to provide a space for these young people from East and West Jerusalem to grow together in song and dialogue. Through the co-creation of music and the sharing of stories, the chorus seeks to empower youth in Jerusalem to become leaders in their communities and inspire singers and listeners around the world to work for peace. Join us for a chance to hear these inspiring youth perform. More details coming soon!

Hands of Peace Presents: Non-Violent Communication (NVC) - A Workshop Facilitated by Life Coach Violet Lehrer
Sunday, February 9, 2020
2:00-4:00 p.m.
Location: TBD
NVC is a communication and conflict-resolution process developed by the psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. The process, also known as compassionate communication, focuses on how to express ourselves in a way that inspires empathy in others and how to listen to them empathically in turn. Benefits include: learning how to create closer relationships, learning how to communicate more effectively, having tools to listen during conflict and being able to transform criticism and blame into connection.
This workshop will be led by Violet Lehrer. Violet is a certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner, based in Carlsbad California serving clients personally and virtually all over the United States. She is a skilled trainer and executive coach specializing in elevating individual and team effectiveness through increased emotional intelligence.
The fee for this training is $20 and includes the book. Please save your spot and register by clicking below.