Hands of Peace empowers American, Israeli and Palestinian youth to become agents of change.


At Hands of Peace, we share these common values:

  • We believe the future depends on the leadership, education and actions of the next generation.
  • We believe global connections are learning connections.
  • We believe the way to create impactful and lasting change in society is through cultivating young leaders who are committed to serving their communities.
  • We believe in positive peace that goes beyond the absence of violence and builds constructive attitudes and systems that foster equality, freedom and justice.
  • We believe all people deserve self-determination and basic human rights.
  • We believe in the same freedoms for all, including freedom of expression, freedom from discrimination, freedom of movement, freedom from fear and violence, and freedom from oppression.
  • We believe the existing conditions among Israelis and Palestinians are unacceptable and there must be an urgent, non-violent end to occupation that leads to safety and security for all.

As an interfaith organization, we envision:

Growing a thriving network of young agents of change who…

are engaged global citizens;

are compassionate advocates for improving the human condition;

are resilient and resourceful, even in the face of adversity and challenge;

carry out their passions in constructive ways;

lead with courage, empathy and intention to promote mutual understanding for the good of their communities.

Nurturing impactful leaders by developing critical thinking, conflict resolution and peacebuilding skills to create social change.

Serving as a hub for intercultural exchange and education, for a vibrant, international community.

An interconnected network of youth leaders who contribute to more peaceful communities through:

Dialogue across cultures, sides and nations provides the catalyst for individuals to change. Through dialogue, our youth challenge stereotypes, explore identities and confront complex conflicts while learning to listen and communicate to amplify their influence with compassion and understanding.

Education for young leaders to learn about diverse narratives, grow knowledge through role models and mentors, awaken what they care about and design their lives as agents of change.

Action to take initiative at the grassroots level with the skills to organize, strategize and cultivate resources for the most impact.

A Reimagined Hands of Peace

2020  was a year of transformation and reflection at Hands of Peace. We listened and learned from our alumni and our community.  Board members Adam Heffez and Kim Lande – our Reimagining architects – explain how we strategized and researched how to serve Hands and alumni better, now and in the future.

Hands of Peace taught me that it takes a group to change an individual, and an individual to change the world.
– Anna, 2013-2014