Hands of Peace empowers young Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans to raise their voices as leaders of change.

At Hands of Peace, we share these common values:

  • We believe the way to create impactful and lasting change in communities is through developing young leaders who are committed to freedom, equality, and justice for all.
  • We believe in the same freedoms for all people, including freedom of movement, freedom from fear, freedom from violence and freedom from oppression.
  • We believe that people on all sides of conflict deserve self-determination and basic human rights.
  • We believe the existing conditions among Israelis and Palestinians are unacceptable and there must be an urgent, non-violent end to occupation that leads to safety and security for all.
  • We believe in our common humanity and the sacred value of each human life. We mourn each person lost due to violence and share the pain and suffering of their families.
  • We believe the future depends on the leadership of the next generation.

As an interfaith organization, we envision:

  • Empowering young people to find their voice and learn how to use it in a non-violent manner for the benefit of their societies.
  • Developing peacebuilding and leadership skills among Palestinian, Israeli and American young adults and supporting ongoing leadership development.
  • Promoting intercultural exchange and education in our wider communities.
  • Affirming human rights for all.

Hands of Peace taught me that it takes a group to change an individual, and an individual to change the world. – Anna, American participant