At Hands of Peace, we stand for creating impactful and lasting change by developing future leaders who are committed to a positive and just peace.

Our Summer Program brings a group of Jewish Israeli, Palestinian Citizens of Israel, and Palestinian teenagers to Chicago and San Diego for a 19-day, dialogue based experience. They are joined by a comparable number of American teens from Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other faith backgrounds.

After their first summer, we encourage our Hands to apply for a second time, in a new and enhanced leadership role, as part of our Excel (XL) program.

Host Families are a vital part of our summer program experience. Whether hosting an Israeli, Palestinian, or American participant, hosting allows families to be immersed in the Hands of Peace experiences, as you take part in a community dedicated to making peace possible.

Following the summer program, a critical component of the Hands of Peace experience is participating in our Alumni Clubs. The Alumni Clubs keep participants connected in a variety of ways; in the Middle East there are quarterly retreats for all participants from all years of Hands of Peace, and uni-national meetings for each delegation. The American Alumni have an opportunity to take a trip to the region, attend local lectures and are involved in recruitment.

We also strive to offer excellent adult programming and educational events for our American audience, through our HOPEducation program.

In HOP, I got to really see the person not as Palestinians, Americans, or Israelis-but deep into their souls. And first and foremost, as humans. I’ve learned to listen. Not to hear to really listen. To stop thinking how I would respond but instead, stop and embrace people’s feelings. – Eden, Jewish Israeli participant