Hands of Peace’s Common Values affirm that people on all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict deserve justice, equality, self-determination, security and basic human rights.  In accordance with these values, the Board of Directors expresses great concern with the “Deal of the Century” announced by the United States government in January 2020.  Hands of Peace cannot support any plan that fails to provide freedom, justice, and equality for all Israelis and Palestinians. 

A basic premise of any successful negotiation is engagement of all stakeholders. The unilateral process of the U.S. administration’s plan failed to include Palestinian voices, and it has left large segments of our Palestinian, Israeli and American communities disheartened and discouraged.  

We believe the future depends on the leadership of the next generation, so we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering Israeli, Palestinian and American youth to raise their voices as leaders of change.  Our vibrant and resilient community will continue to support these young leaders.

We thank our international community of staff, alumni, volunteers and donors for their unyielding compassion and support, and stand firmly behind our alumni as empowered leaders now and in the future. 

If you would like to engage in dialogue with our Board or respond with your questions, concerns or support, please contact me at plee@handsofpeace.org.  In addition, I have asked our staff to schedule Hands of Peace Education events in the next several weeks in Chicago and San Diego to allow members of our U.S. communities to share their thoughts, to discuss, and to listen.  We encourage you to join us for one of these evenings.

Peg Lee, Hands of Peace Board Chair