Each year Hands of Peace supports alumni who need financial assistance to complete their college or university education with scholarships. One(1) $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an alumnus/na from each delegation. These scholarships are created through the generosity of donors. The deadline for applications is July 10, 2021. Scholarship recipients will be announced in late July, 2021.

The scholarships are awarded to an alumnus/na of each delegation who: demonstrates a commitment to the goals and ideals of Hands of Peace, has demonstrated financial need and has completed a minimum of one year of college/university study.  Scholarships may be awarded for undergraduate or graduate studies.  Alumni are not eligible for more than one Hands of Peace scholarship.

Go here for complete list of past Scholarship Recipients.


Many Hands of Peace alumni fondly remember Ron Millers annual House of Consciousness” talk which used the metaphor of a house to describe levels of consciousness regarding the other” — from the basement (where dialogue is not possible) to the rooftop (where a person recognizes that despite our many differences we are all connected as one human family). Sadly, Ron passed away in 2011.  To honor his memory, Hands of Peace established the Rooftop Consciousness Award to recognize outstanding alumni who exemplify this higher level of thinking about the other” and demonstrates this level of consciousness in his/her daily life.

Hands of Peace annually recognizes those alumni with the Rooftop Consciousness Award who demonstrate through work and volunteerism that, despite our many differences, we are all connected as one human family. Hands of Peace staff, alumni, volunteers and alumni family members can nominate.

Nominations are now open. The deadline for nominations is July 10, 2021.  Award recipients will be announced in late July, 2021.

Go here for complete list of past Rooftop Consciousness Award Recipients.