The flagship Summer Program is a powerful, unifying experience that starts our Hands on their journey to becoming agents of change. Each summer, Hands of Peace brings American, Israeli, and Palestinian youth together in Chicago and San Diego for a three-week dialogue-based experience. In dialogue sessions led by professional facilitators from the Middle East, Hands learn about “the other,” they share complicated and sometimes painful stories about the conflict, and explore peaceful solutions to foster equality, freedom and justice.

Applications for the 2022 Summer Program in Chicago and San Diego, July 6 – 25 are now closed. Applicants must be in high school, ages 15-17. We encourage all applicants to review our Mission, Vision, and Values. Participants should be willing to engage in a transformative experience of learning, dialogue, and action, joining a network of more than 700 Hands of Peace alumni.

الطلبات مفتوحة من الان لبرنامج الصيف

يعد البرنامج الصيفي الرئيسي تجربة قوية وموحدة يبدأها المشتركين الجدد في مسيرتهم ليصبحوا وكلاء للتغير , في كل صيف تجمع منظمة هاندز اوف بيس(أيادي السلام) الشباب الأمريكي والإسرائيلي والفلسطيني معًا في شيكاغو وسان دييغو في تجربة قائمة على الحوار لمدة ثلاثة أسابيع في جلسات الحوار التي يقودها منسقون محترفون من الشرق الأوسط وتعرف المشتركين على “الآخر” ويتشاركون قصصًا معقدة ومؤلمة في بعض الأحيان حول النزاع ويستكشفون الحلول السلمية لتعزيز المساواة والحرية والعدالة.

ونتلقى حاليًا طلبات الالتحاق بالبرنامج الصيفي لعام 2022 في شيكاغو وسان دييغو من 6 إلى 25 يوليو ويجب أن يكون المتقدمون في المدرسة الثانوية وتتراوح أعمارهم بين 15 و17 عامًا ونشجع جميع المتقدمين لمراجعة مهمتنا ورؤيتنا وقيمنا ويجب أن يكون المشاركون على استعداد للانخراط في تجربة تحويلية للتعلم والحوار والعمل والانضمام إلى شبكة تضم أكثر

אנחנו מחפשים מועמדים לתכנית הקיץ שלנו!

תכנית הדגל שלנו, המתקיימת מדי קיץ, היא חוויה עוצמתית ומאחדת שמתחילה את מסעם של המשתתפים בדרכם להפוך לסוכני שינוי. מדי קיץ, אנחנו מפגישים קבוצות של בני נוער ישראלים, פלסטיניים ואמריקנים בשיקאגו ובסן דייגו למפגש דיאלוג חווייתי. במפגשי הדיאלוג, שאותם מנחים מנחים מקצועיים ישראלים ופלסטינים, המשתתפים לומדים על “האחר”, משתפים בסיפורים מורכבים ולעתים כואבים הנוגעים לסכסוך, ומחפשים פתרונות לא אלימים המבוססים על שוויון, חירות וצדק.

בימים אלה אנחנו מחפשים מועמדים לתכנית הקיץ של 2022, שתתקיים בשיקאגו ובסן דייגו, בתאריכים 6-25 ביולי. אנחנו מחפשים בני ובנות נוער בגילי 15-17, שמבקשים להיות חלק מחוויה טרנספורמטיבית של למידה, דיאלוג ועשייה, שיצטרפו אחר כך לרשת של כ-700 בוגרי התכנית.

אנחנו ממליצים לכל הפונים לעיין בחזון, בערכים ובמשימה שלקחנו על עצמנו.

Hands of Peace has opened my mind to understand that the truth has several faces.


2010, 2011


In Hands of Peace I got to really see the person not as Palestinian, American or Israeli, but deep into their souls. And first and foremost, as humans.



Jewish Israeli

Hands of Peace taught me that it takes a group to change an individual, and an individual to change the world.


2013, 2014


Hands of Peace is not just a 2 1/2 week program, it’s a family and it’s a family that allowed me to see the whole picture and not just my snapshot.




Hands of Peace fills us with humanity and builds a bridge for peace.




This program has helped me so much, and I don’t think I could have found a better environment in which to grow and acquire so many different skills. Thank you for making that possible.


2017, 2018

Palestinian Citizen of Israel

I come out stronger because I know I have a special place out there in the world that accepts me just the way I am. It’s name is Hands of Peace.



Jewish Israeli


July 4-29, 2021


For four weeks, first-year Hands met virtually with other members of their delegation for eight 90-minute virtual sessions, giving them a firm foundation as they begin their journey as an agent of change. They participated in training and activities to learn about dialogue, listening, telling their personal story, and other essential peacebuilding skills. Summer Program Launchpad prepared Hands to have an even richer experience when they meet with other delegations in-person in 2022.


July 13-29, 2021


Hands of Peace planned a two-week XL Leadership Program in 2021 for selected second-year participants. XLs participated in virtual dialogue with XLs from the other delegations and received training in leadership and peacebuilding skills. This was a valuable opportunity to help Hands make the transition from dialogue to education as they learned how to apply what they learned about themselves and their fellow Hands in their first year. XLs also had the opportunity to mentor first-year Hands from their delegation, offering leadership opportunities and connectivity between cohorts.