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By Genevieve Thompson, Northbrook, IL – November 24, 2018


My name is Genevieve Thompson, and I participated in Hands Of Peace from 2015 to 2016. I am currently majoring in Justice and Peace- Conflict Transformation of the Middle East and North Africa with a minor in Middle Eastern History and Arabic. I work with my University to create a face for minorities on campus that have little representation. This has given me many great opportunities such as speaking as an introductory speaker at the national conference for US Campaign for Palestinian Rights this past fall. These small moments have brought me back to what Hands of Peace gave me, Hope.

This past week in the suburbs of Chicago a handful of Hands Of Peace alumni gathered together at a local participant’s house. The house overflowed with good food and even better conversation. Within the few of us that could make it to the meeting, there was obvious proof in the power of Hands of Peace. We discussed the good work we are each doing at our individual universities.

Through theatre, film, communities of faith or creating a presence of social justice on campus the message is clear: Hands of Peace gave us the motivation to make a change in our local communities. The age of alumni varied, but it didn’t matter. The spark of Hands of Peace throughout our teenage years lead us each to make a difference in our local communities.

Each alumni that was present had hope for the future of our communities. We each have embarked on continuing the Hands of Peace message. We each have big ideas for the future. There is no doubt that Hands of Peace affected all of us to start small but to think BIG.


From one grateful alumnus, thank you Hands of Peace.