At Hands of Peace, our vision is supported by guiding principles that inform our decisions and actions. We stand for creating impactful and lasting change through developing future leaders who are committed to a positive and just peace.

The foundation of our program is a comprehensive group dialogue process, structured to take individual participants on a journey that includes:

  1. Exploring the conflict together
  2. Exposure to each other’s narratives and faiths
  3. Sharing of personal stories for greater understanding of our individual differences and common humanity
  4. Individual and group actions that can be taken as involved leaders

We are wholly committed to the individual transformation of our participants, to their political, social and self-awareness and ultimately to their involvement and leadership in achieving positive peace

  • Volunteers are engaged, involved and educated
  • Staff are continually empowering teens to find their voice while carefully navigating the personal challenges of the conflict
  • Resources are wisely managed and donations are carefully stewarded so every dollar makes an impact
  • Stakeholders and donors have a deep personal connection to our organization and mission

Hands of Peace taught us that we are important and our voices do matter. It taught us to face our fears to say what we believe in, and to believe in ourselves. It taught us to never lose hope! -Yasmeen, Palestinian participant